Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE® Baby

Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE® Baby




Essential for baby care

Children often wake up in the morning with sticky residue, crusted matter and scales on their eyelids and eyelashes.  This can cause discomfort, interfere with vision and invite redness and infection.  In these situations they may naturally rub their eyes with unclean hands and worsen the condition.


Exclusive, ophthalmic–based formulation
Fischer Pharmaceuticals provides you with the perfect solution to safeguard your child's delicate eye surrounds and help ease and prevent hygienic related eye problems.  Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE® Baby is an innovative product based on eye preparations to ensure nothing but the best for your baby's delicate eyelids and lashes. 


45 years of ocular medication excellence

Having taken care of millions sets of eyes over four decades of innovation, Fischer Pharmaceuticals is a leading manufacturer of sterile ophthalmic medical preparations as well as complementary eye-care treatment products. 


Safer and eye-friendly

The product undergoes a purification process taking the production standards to the highest levels. Suitable for the most sensitive eyes, Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE® Baby is preservative-free, tearless and hypoallergenic.


Convenient and user-friendly

At home or on-the-go, taking care of your baby's eyes and maintaining eye hygiene is simple. Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE® Baby is rinse-free so you can use it anytime, anywhere. The wipes are individually packed, for ease of use. Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE® Baby is a large wipe , soft and embossed for the delicate areas of your baby's eyes and face.




Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE® Baby at a Glance
Tested & recommended by Ophthalmologists & Dermatologists, Dr. Fischer EYE-CARE® Baby is a league of its own in eye health protection.

Innovative ophthalmic technology
Preservative-Free & Tearless
Adjusted to the PH of tears
Contains soothing Chamomile extract


 Available package size: 30 individually packed towelettes


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  Caution: Do not apply directly to the eyes.

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