About us

Fischer Pharmaceuticals was established in 1965 by Dr. Eli Fischer, a Pharm.D., Ph.D. graduate of UC Medical Center in San Francisco and a teaching fellow in Harvard University. His initial innovation was in the field of ophthalmology where he developed a medical preparation (EPPY) for the treatment of glaucoma. For many years this was the "drug of choice" of all ophthalmologists worldwide. Over the years, the company developed into a successful corporation based on his innovative and scientific approach employing more than 700 personnel with advanced research laboratories.


Superior Pharmaceutical Technology
Fischer Pharmaceuticals has been responsible for many innovations in the fields of ophthalmology, continually setting trends and norms in the industry, utilizing the most sophisticated pharmaceutical technology.


Leading Specialists in Ophthalmic Preparations
For almost 5 decades countless numbers of eyes have benefited from the products developed by the company's R&D: in  formulation of sterile ophthalmic drops and other advanced eye-care preparations.  The company's breakthroughs in the ophthalmic field have led the way to improved treatment of everyday eye problems as well as the preventive care of serious ocular conditions that threaten loss of vision.  


APS – Innovative Life-Style Products

Fischer Pharmaceuticals manufacture products that incorporate the innovative Dr. Fischer Age Protection System; a state-of-the-art healthcare treatment concept that is reflected in many of the company's most successful and original product ranges.


Dr. Fischer - Tried & Tested
Dr. Fischer products are in standard use by the medical profession and institutions. All products are meticulously tested for safety and efficacy and carry the seals of approval of many prestigious organizations worldwide.
Fischer Pharmaceuticals maintains a strong international presence in more than 30 markets worldwide, supplying leading retail chains and medical institutions under the Dr. Fischer brand as well as under different contractual Private Label Services.


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